We believe in challenges. We believe in thinking differently. We believe sharpness matters and it can change the outcome of any case. We believe in limitlessness.

We like to innovate and actively lead progress.

This project has been designed to challenge the status quo and to embark together with clients in a journey wherein we show we care, we stay together until the end and we fight with all our passion and energy for our clients’ best interests. Because if you win, we win.

We combine knowledge, professionalism and excellence with sharpness, intuition and empathy and we act boldly in order to offer effective and sophisticated counselling and deliver pragmatic solutions efficiently. Our services range from day-to-day advice to strategic assistance in tangled transactions, complex investment projects and domestic and international disputes.
We believe that working with excellent professionals is key in reaching our goals, which is why we always invest in people and have been constantly expanding our network of cross services collaborations.

As a team, we are driven by the same vision and we co-create a ground that facilitates the reach of our full potential and its employment towards innovation and progress.

We understand business and our intention is to have clients see us as part of their business and use our extensive expertise to redefine boundaries together, reshaping problems into opportunities and creating growth. We love to learn for and from you.

The bridges that we want to build are bridges meant to last for the long run and not only for passing opportunities. We want to be true counsellors to our clients and create value together.

Providing all our clients tailored services comes without saying. The step forward that we want to take for the long run is to create an impact that matters for all our clients, but also to society as a whole and drive progress together.
No matter if you are a well-established business on the market, a fresh start-up looking to change the industry or a business professional, we are always there for you.

No effort is too great to achieve greatness, and we believe that our passion for law must always aim at achieving greatness by delivering our clients the support they need, when they need it, at the upmost standard of professionalism, thus building a long-term partnership relationship between you and us.

We are vision leaders and we cannot wait to rethink boundaries together.



Sos Bucuresti Ploiesti 172-176, Willbrook Platinum, entrance A2, 2nd floor, Sector 1, Bucharest


Sos Bucuresti Ploiesti 172-176, Willbrook Platinum, entrance A2, 2nd floor, Sector 1, Bucharest